Wing Cloud raises $20M in seed funding to create a unified programming and operational experience for the cloud

Build above the clouds.

Wing Cloud tames cloud complexity through a unified programming and operational experience that works across all cloud providers and services.


Stay in your cloud development flow

A new programming language and toolchain designed for the cloud from the ground up.

Infrastructure & code in one language

Infrastructure compiles to Terraform / CloudFormation, code compiles to JavaScript, ready to deploy on any provider.

A standard API for the clouds

Intent-driven SDK for development above the clouds.

Simulator for local testing

Run and test inside a local simulator for instant feedback and light speed iteration cycle.

Customize DevOps at every level

Use any Terraform/CloudFormation resource and apply customizations below the abstraction line.
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Build together with your team

Make cloud development more collaborative with automatically generated preview deployments for every code change, available directly from your pull request.

Live preview environments

Every commit automatically deploys to a lightweight environment that stays up to date with your changes

Visually interact with your app

Wing Console UI is available for each environment

Review on the cloud

Provide feedback and comments on changes right inside Wing Console
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Manage applications, not just a bunch of resources

Elevate your operational excellence with a cloud management console that understands your entire application across all providers and services.

Application-centric operations

Monitor and manage your cloud operations by working with complete applications instead of just resources.

Trace back from production to code

Map runtime issues and events to logical application units

A common view for everyone

Bridge the gap between developers, DevOps, platform teams and SREs through a shared mental model that spans the entire development lifecycle.
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Level-up your enterprise cloud game

With all the necessary tools, resources and training.

Enterprise Support

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of open-source without the risks.


Equip your developers, platform teams and DevOps with resources and guidances to effectively leverage the cloud.


Work with Wing experts to get advice about organizational models, cloud architectures, security engineering, compliance and more
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